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Bunjee Jumper Jump Cues: One of the many lines of billiard supplies offered at Bunjee Canada.

Jump & Break Jump Cues
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Visit Our Billiard Supply Store to Purchase Your Falcon Cue Products from Bunjee Canada.

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Visit Our Billiard Supply Store to Purchase Your Predator Cue Products from Bunjee Canada.
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Quality Billiard Products, Cue Shop and more... is operated by Roy Mason at Mace Equipment in Cambridge, Ontario Canada.

I am Roy Mason and I offer for sale quality, brand-name billiard products like Falcon and Predator cues, and Bunjee Jumper Jump Cues! All products shown in my Online Billiard Store are normally in stock and shipped within 24 hours. If there are any products that you are interested in that are not shown in my store, please e-mail and I will attempt to obtain them. I have decided to handle these specific billiard products because I am happy with the quality and service of the companies that manufacture them. All of my cues and accessories carry a 30 day money back guarantee.

I also offer the services of my Cue Repair Shop. I started tipping cues about 15 years ago and it has mushroomed from there. I now can do any cue repair including, ferrules, tapering shafts, adding extensions to the butt, tapering a butt, adding or changing weight bolts, wraps in leather or linen and just about anything else that you can think of. I have about $30,000 worth of specific equipment to build and repair cues. This started as a hobby to keep me busy in my retirement and has now turned into a full time job. I have two apprentices who come in 2 days a week to assist me. Even with this extra help there is a 12-18 month waiting list for my custom cues. I do not advertise my custom cues on my web site because of the long wait for them.

Please browse through my web site and if you have any questions just give me a call or e-mail me.


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