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The Special Events Building at the Western Fair grounds in London, Ontario was the site of the 1st Annual CCS Ontario 8-Ball Championships. The event ran from Thursday November 4th to Sunday November 7th.

The Men's Teams A finals produced an exciting match with Frank Binck, Jordan Katz, Sean Grossett, Roger Chau, Andre Bilek and Dan Scarel of the Smokin Chicos (Windsor) coming from the B side to beat the Brew Crew (Newmarket), crewed by Norm Glover, Ken Botham, Ryan Miller, Tol Kuy and Rob Blair, twice to win the championship. Mark Johnston (Brantford) prevailed over Al Smart (Oakville) to win third place in the Men=s A singles. Aaron Thomas (Newmarket) won the B side of the board and had to beat Scott Yanke (Kitchener) twice. Aaron won the first set but Scott was able to come back and win the second set and claim the title. Cathy Lafreniere (Fergus) is becoming a force to be dealt with in women=s pool. She topped her second place finish in the 2004 Canadian=s by beating Mia Bielak (Cambridge) to win the inaugural Ontario championships Ladies A singles. Carrie Dwyer (Cambridge) beat Melanie Kowalsky (Brantford) to finish third. Sharp Shooters (Kitchener) with Kelly Park, Cathy Sowa, Tara-Lynn Burton, Cathy Lafreniere, Sue Sandul and Sheri Blakely prevailed over Wild 8's (Cambridge) Carrie Dwyer, Darlene Gardiner, Kelly Sullivan, Jennifer Flietstra, Sophie Houle and April Frieberger to win the Ladies A team title.

In Scotch Doubles Darlene Gardiner from the Wild 8's and Mike Patay from Good To Go proved to be too strong for the rest of the field and won over Scott Yanke from Smokin Arsholes and Kelly Park from Sharp Shooters.

The A-B-C divisional format was used for the event and players and teams were filtered into each catagory. Dan Wilcox (London) won over Kevin Nadeau (Timmins) for the Men=s Singles B crown. In the Men=s singles C division Matt LeClerc (Timmins) fell victim to Neil Buzza (Stoney Creek). Darlene Gardiner and Kelly Park both playing in the same Kitchener/Waterloo league fought it out for the Ladies Singles B division with Darlene coming out on top. The Rodeo Bullshooters (Brantford) with Mark Johnston, Darryl Doolittle, Phil Fraser, Ron Butcher and Scott Richards defeated the Crazy 8's (Barrie), Bob Hannah, Leo Sauve, Nick Copecog, Phil Millen and Miles Zinck for first place in the Men=s Teams B division. The 250 Boys (Barrie) Brian Bedford, Guy Ingram, Ron Smith, Bob Reid and Bruce Nakamura won over Damage Inc JC Madore, Tony Lefebvre, Lisa Taylor, Cliff Taylor, Vuthi To and Dave Egan to take the Mens Teams C division title. The Ladies B division team event was won by What The *** Was That (Brantford) with Lee Johnston, Melanie Kowalsky, Lauren Dean, Lisa Bate and Lanny Green over As If (Cambridge) Nicole Lavigne, Jo-Anne Mason, Tracey Elliott, Carrie Smith and Elizabeth Crawford.

The Canadian Cue Sport Association would like to thank Roy Mason (Event Organizer), Chris Kelly (Tournament Director), Tally Ho (table supplier), Falcon Cues, Western Fair staff and the many volunteers. We had representation from Barrie, Brantford, Caledonia, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Fergus, Guelph, Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo, London, Lynden, Muncey, New Dundee, Newmarket, Oakville, Ohsweken, Oneida, Paris, Simcoe, Smithville, Southwood, Stoney Creek, St Thomas, Sudbury, Timmins, Toronto, Union, Woodstock and Windsor.

Next year=s 2nd Annual Canadian Cue Sport Ontario 8-Ball Championship will take place at the Western Fair Grounds in London, Ontario from November 17th to November 20th, 2005. For more information contact Roy Mason at 519-622-0756 or or visit the CCS web site at

Featured Events

1st Scott Yanke Kitchener $1100.00 Canadian's Entry Falcon Cue
2nd Aaron Thomas Newmarket $750.00
3rd Mark Johnston Brantford $400.00

1st Dan Wilcox London $400.00 Canadian's Entry
2nd Kevin Nadeau Timmins $200.00
3rd Shane Gummerson Barrie $100.00

1st Neil Buzza Stoney Creek $200.00 Canadian's Entry
2nd Matt LeClerc Timmins $100.00
3rd Scott Richards Brantford $50.00

1st Cathy Lafreniere Fergus $300.00 Canadian's Entry Falcon Cue
2nd Mia Bielak Cambridge $160.00
3rd Carrie Dwyer Cambridge $100.00

1st Darlene Gardiner Kitchener $100.00 Canadian's Entry
2nd Kelly Park Waterloo $50.00

1st Smokin Chicos Windsor $1300.00 Canadian's Entry
2nd Brew Crew Newmarket $800.00
3rd Sauce Boys Newmarket $500

1st Rodeo Bullshooters Brantford $500.00 Canadian's Entry
2nd Crazy Eights Barrie $350.00
3rd Good to Go Guelph $250.00

1st The 250 Boys Barrie $250.00 Canadian's Entry
2nd Damage Inc London $175.00
3rd 9Ballerzzz Newmarket $125.00

1st Sharp Shooters Kitchener $400.00 Canadian's Entry
2nd Wild 8's Waterloo $200.00
3rd O=Brien=s Newmarket $100.00

1st What The *** Was That Brantford $200.00 Canadian's Entry
2nd As If Cambridge Trophies


1st Darlene Gardiner Kitchener $400.00 Canadian's Entry
      Mike Patay Guelph
2nd Kelly Park Waterloo $275.00
      Scott Yanke Kitchener
3rd Kelly Sullivan Cambridge $150.00
      Jason Flietstra Cambridge
4th Mia Bielak Cambridge $75.00
      Charlie Bridges Guelph
5th/6th Sue Sandul Winnipeg $20.00
      Jeff Lohmer Kitchener
5th/6th Jason Holdaway Cambridge $20.00
      Cathy Sowa Cambridge

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