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Falcon Cues

Falcon cues are built in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada where they offer you, the discriminating buyer, the most superior quality cues at the best value. Falcon Cues has just celebrated its 12th anniversary in Canada. A top quality cue, as well as long standing and valued relationships with their loyal dealers and buyers has ensured their success as the best in our industry. This prosperity has enabled them to expand to a new and larger facility where they continue to produce top of the line quality cues.

Falcon Cues was awarded the 1995 Cues of the Year Award in Europe because of their outstanding design features and unsurpassed quality.

Every Falcon Cue is made in Canada from the best Canadian grown Birdseye and hard rock maple. They use a variety of fabulous exotic woods such as ebony, cocobolo, bocote, snake wood and lace wood, all of which give their cues a distinct and polished look. Falcon decorates their cues with precious bone ivory, mother of pearl and abalone. These unique features are guaranteed to catch any player's attention.

Falcon uses a 14-5/16" thread bolt to insure the quality connection of the shaft and butt. The professional paralleled 13"-14" shaft taper makes it a high quality playing cue with a solid feel. The cues also feature stainless steel joints, triangle tips, aegis ferrules and pressed Irish Linen.

Pro players Karen Corr, Nick Varner, John Horsfall and Jeff White are using Falcon Cues to win matches.



- Cocobolo Series:
All butt caps and joints made of natural bone ivory.

Falcon cues: Cocobolo cue series.

- Ebony Series:
All butt caps and joints made of natural bone ivory.
Falcon cues: Ebony cue series.

- Mustang Series:
All butt caps and joints made of natural bone ivory.
Falcon cues: Mustang cue series.

- Whistler Series:
Falcon cues: Whistler cue series.


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