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Predator Improves Your Game!


 How Predator Improves Your Game

Pool is a game of extreme accuracy.  Why wouldn't you want to play with the cue that shoots the straightest? Thatís exactly why so many professionals have switched to Predator Technology. More than 50% of today's top 40 ranked US male professionals trust Predator cues (UPA rankings - June 2002).

But Predator isn't only for the professional.  It normally takes years to learn how to compensate for cue ball deflection. The Predator 314 shaft dramatically reduces cue ball deflection and helps less experienced players move quickly through the learning process. In fact, the majority of beginning or intermediate players notice an immediate improvement in their game when they use a Predator cue.

Predator cue shaft diagram

Predators ferrule (Pat. 5725437) and internal bore (Pat. 6162128) reduce the shafts tendency to buckle on impact and allow the cue ball to push the shaft aside instead of the shaft pushing the cue ball off line.

Simply put, Predator's technology makes it easier to hit what youíre aiming at because it shoots straighter.




Spin is indirectly related to cue ball deflection. The less deflection, the more spin. Predator produces more spin than any conventional cue, which makes it easier to draw, follow and move your cue ball around the table.






The pure transfer of energy in a Predator produces less vibration and gives the player a solid and positive feedback.  And better feel leads to better control.


Predator cue and cue ball diagram

Predator cue shaft plice diagram

Predator's unique 10 piece construction produces a straighter cue with a more consistent flex than any traditional one piece shaft.

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